The importance of warming up before a workout!

Their are many different ways to warm up your body and prepare for your workout but HOW you warm up can result in improving movement and avoiding injury.

A proper warm up routine is beneficial to increasing your range of motion, preparing joints, increasing your body temperature, increasing blood flow to and from muscles, and activates and triggers specific muscle groups to preform efficiently.

The importance of a warm up is to prevent possible injuries and significantly increases range of motion for specific muscle groups. Your muscles need to be prepared for a workout or heavy lift especially if you are fairly sedentary during the day (at work, school, home etc.) your muscles are tight and constricted and the movements that your preform during your workout are typically not frequent motions that your body is used to. BUT by warming up your muscles that can active them to ‘wake up’ and increasing range of motion and further more, increasing strength overtime and your capability to lift heavier!


The main purpose of warm ups are that these motions improve blood circulation, which helps with exercise performance, mobility and increasing strength. Specifically dynamic warm ups help to activate your CNS – central nervous system, which is responsible for sending the signal of muscle activation (that wake up call). The first step in waking up your CNS through dynamic warm up is to elevating your body temperature through explosive drills ex. Jump squats, power sprints, box jumps, jumping with a kettle bell, for a few rounds 2-3x). Incorporating explosive movements assist in teaching and preparing your body to move with maximal force when weight lifting and increasing muscle force!


Warm up routine can include 15minutes of:

-       Foam rolling or hard ball for massaging the muscles

-       Dynamic warm up (explosive movements and body weight exercises)

-       Muscle activation exercises (can incorporate bands!)

-        Plyometric drills (power sprints, marching, skipping)

-       Rotating joints (shoulders, leg swings)


Here are a few examples to try before your workout:

-       2 minutes of jumping rope

-       Hip extensions (can use light – med band for activation)

-       Body weight squats

-       Jump squats

-       Lunges

-       Leg and arms swings

-       Pushups

-       Box jumps

-       Battle ropes

-       Jumping Jacks

-       Bear crawls

Pick 5 for 15 minutes and get warmed up!

Remember to warm up & wake up (those muscles)!