I reached out to Callie in desperation as I struggled like most moms to loss my baby weight years later. Callie created a custom program that fit my hectic lifestyle. I’ve had programs done in the past but they were never realistic or manageable while working full-time with two young kids. Callie’s workouts were fun and the app allowed me to track my progress and aim for my personal best. Callie was such great support and always a text away. I’m proud to say I was able to reach my goals and I rocked a bikini on my family vacation to the Caribbean. This was the first time I felt confident in a long time. Thanks Callie!


Callie has been such an inspiration to me throughout my fitness journey. She has constantly pushed me during my highs and supported me during my lows. Her dedication to living a healthy and active lifestyle is contagious! It is incredible the progress and positive changes I have made since meeting you a year and a half ago. ❤️❤️❤️



Callie, I wanted to let you know I have completed my 8 Week Nutrition Program and I feel the best I have ever felt.  My personalized food plan combined with supplements taught me how to eat and feel satiated, not full.  My stomach feels so healthy, no bloating or irritation and that's huge for me!

And as an added bonus I've lost 10 solid pounds. People are commenting on how healthy I look and this makes me very happy.Thank you for making this happen for me Kiddo 💞



Callie's holistic approach to personal training has had a huge influence on my personal fitness and well-being. Her knowledge, passion and positivity has helped me reach my fitness goals. No two work outs are ever the same. She takes her time to personalize a plan that supports your fitness goals and lifestyle.


"Everyone use to tell me I looked good and I didn’t need to lose weight however, I was never happy with how I looked. I would try working out lots and try to diet but everything I did would work for a little bit but then I would get bored or lose motivation. I had NO will power to say no to the things I wanted to eat and the portions. I would go on Instagram and other social media sights and see all these before and after pictures of people but I never believed them. When I saw Callie’s I knew it was someone I could believe. I was newly engaged and thought I looked great so I booked my engagement photos. Once I got them back I was not happy at all with how I looked or how I felt about myself. That was when I contacted Callie about her 14 Day Detox, I did that and lost weight and was so much happier with myself and was great to know other people were noticing the difference as well. After Christmas I gained back some weight and wasn’t happy which made me turn to asking Callie for some help again with a 28 Day Meal plan and 4 week workout plan. I was also able to get my fiancés to tag along and he got the 28 Day Meal plan as well. I am so happy with the will power I have now, I enjoy all the meals that I have had and will continue to do the things I have learned! I also have loved the 4 Week workout plan that is giving me lots of new things to try and seeing lots of progress! I have lost over 20 pounds and can see I am getting more toned since doing Callie’s programs. I recommend Callie to anyone and everybody that comments on how I look or what I have done to get to where I am.


I have completed two food plans/programs, and really benefited from the knowledge I have learned about food combinations, portion control, and good quality supplements. I feel great. I also, finally reached my target weight,after trying for 8 months on other plans.


I did Callie's detox program and it was the best move I could have made for my health. She got me back on track with proper eating habits and set me up for success.


I did a 12 week supplemental protocol with Callie during the tail end of the summer. I was dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. Her in depth assessment helped me pin point the origin of my issues and the protocol completely brought my mind and my body back to a healthy state. Some of the supplements callie recommended are now staples in my routine. It's amazing what can happen to your body mentally and physically when you are lacking certain micronutrients; I highly recommend investing in a protocol!



Hey Callie, 
Wanted to take the time to thank you for the amazing sessions I had with you!  You were so great at listening to my challenges and goals and setting up a plan that worked for me. On top of that, I  know I threw you a ton of curve balls with being on separate protocols from my Naturopath and doctor-but you were AMAZING at customizing and changing things as i needed.It was amazing that each session was different and challenging-kept me motivated and NEVER got easier-which is a good thing. Your attention to proper execution and form was also refreshing. I have had many trainers and sometimes they don't seem to care about the 'proper' way of doing things. My results we fast and amazing-i was able to head into my honeymoon strong, confident and energized!I also want to shout out your AMAZING home workouts. It was like having a trainer everyday!  I have NEVER done at home workouts that left me feeling as accomplished as yours-they were challenging and really worked me.  Also, again the variety was great-even when working out at home i never got bored. I also appreciated how you were always available to me through phone/email. This was super helpful for nutrition guidance or tips of making the workouts more challenging.

Your dedication your clients and your passion for your job really stand out!  I would wholeheartedly recommend any one looking to change up their routines or just get started with one to reach out!

Callie is an amazing trainer! She is knowledgable not only in the realm of fitness but nutrition as well. She is passionate about what she does and that shows when she is training you! She is motivating and encouraging throughout workouts and will take the time to show you each exercise so that you are comfortable and won't hurt yourself. She truly cares about the health and well-being of all of her clients.